Photos from Venice

Houses on a bridge in Venice


Typical street view in Venice, Italy

Typical street view

Waterway in Venice, Italy

Beautiful waterways- there are more of these than actual streets!

Hanging Laundry on the streets of Venice, Italy

Laundry out to dry

Dog Street vendor in Venice, Italy

The cutest little street vendor in Venice!

Embroidery shop in Venice, Italy

A cute little shop where you can get almost anything embroidered! She does everything freehand!

Boatman in Venice, Italy
Houses on the waterfront in Venice, Italy

Rows of houses right on the water

Fishmonger at the market in Venice, Italy

Fishmonger preparing the morning's catch for the market

Night time in the piazza in Venice, Italy

We enjoyed some music at night in the piazza

Boar's head at a pizzeria in Venice, Italy

I saw this boar's head on the counter at the small pizzeria we ate at on our first night in Venice

Night time view from the hostel in Venice, Italy

View from our hostel at night

Waterway at night in Venice, Italy

Last view of the waterway before the sun was completely gone


Paris to the moon…pt 3

The Louvre

First glimps of the famous glass pyramids

contrapposto louvre


Narcissus louvre

Guess who this is?

pretty man sculpture louvre

A very pretty man

Me and Winged Victory Louvre

Me next to my absolute favorite sculpture of all time

Nike of Samothrace louvre


outside the louvre

Outside the Louvre

the eiffel tower paris

The Eiffel Tower - Tour Eiffel

Me and the Eiffel Tower Paris

Look- I was actually there!

Paris to the moon…pt 2

Paris to the moon…pt 1

Snow in France

It started snowing just as we crossed the border

Taking a picture

Snapping photos


McDonald's in France

McDonald's in France

McDonald's Menu

On the road

Just entering Paris

Hotel in Paris

Mine and Chelsey's hotel room

Hotel in Paris

Broken remote at the hotel

Paris Metro

People waiting on the metro

The Paris Metro

More metro

French and English combined

Frenglish? or Franglais?

On the Metro

Chelsey on the metro in Paris

Moulin Rouge in Paris at Night

Moulin Rouge at night!

Moulin Rouge Show

The current show at the Moulin Rouge

Bronze statue

Me and my boyfriend in Paris


American gum in Paris

Storefront in Paris



Me in front of Sacré-Cœur


Sacré-Cœur in Paris at Night

First Few Weeks in Lausanne


Bird Lady at Ouchy by Lake Geneva


Lake Geneva


Swans by the lake



Lakeside activities


Lake Geneva at sunset

Graffiti at metro stop

Words of wisdom at the metro stop

Dogs must be on leashes

Dogs must be on leashes- everyone here has a dog!

Unil- Lausanne, Switzerland

Pathway at Unil

Bassenges- Lausanne, Switzerland

Bassenges metro stop in front of my apartment

First meal in Lausanne

First meal in Lausanne

Pasta with sauce

Pasta with ricotta sauce

Sinalco cola

Sinalco cola at our first meal

First meal in Lausanne

Chelsey and Amber

Pub night Lausanne, Switzerland

First pub night in Lausanne

Swiss Abyss…a photo blog!

This morning, as I sat on my balcony enjoying the view, a thought came to me. Why not make a new blog simply for all of the photos that I have been taking (and will doubtless continue to take) here in Switzerland. Not that you don’t enjoy reading about my adventures, but for the more visually inclined folks out there, here I provide you a blog to feast your eyes on the beauties of Switzerland (sans all the rambling). Okay, okay…I’ll shut up now. Enjoy the photos!

…and of course dont forget to check out my other blog!

Rooftop view of Ecublens, Lausanne, Switzerland

View from the roof of my apartment in Ecublens, Switzerland